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One of the questions people most often ask is: how do I get more traffic for my website to get business.

One way is by actually promoting your business in the real world, and then stick your website address all over it. Having an electronic copy to circulate through e-mail is a big bonus - you can even create links from a PDF (on-line file) to specific pages on your website.

Where you have existing content it makes life a lot easier (and cheaper on the design side), but if you can photograph it, trace it or create a 3D model of it, I can stick it in your brochure.

For the brochure shown of this page, the photos of the product didn't really help clients to understand what they'd be getting, so I created 3D models for technical drawings, which allowed us to show more detail in one image. I then used the 3D models to create graphids to show the different varieties of monitored electric fences with no distracting detail (like buildings, lawns and vegetation in the background).

Creating this brochure was a time consuming process, but the client is left with a glossy A4 folder that can be used as a cover for quotes and proposals that clearly show his product. As a bonus he has a PDF brochure he can e-mail to prospective clients (with links to his website). He also has a set of technical drawings of the fence varieties and all components, allowing him to include the necessary detail when exporting parts to foreign contries.

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