Design in 3D

As a draughtsman with ten years of professional experience, I can create any number of 3D models and patterns for laser cut parts. It's never been easier to desig and source original, designed items. From wooden gift tags to laser engraved diaries and 3-D printed parts, the possibilities are endless.

Vector Design: Street Sign for KATS@25
This illuminated street sign for a community theatre was designed to be laser cut in steel with a milky white perspex backing. At night it would be illuminated by led lights, placed far enough from the perspex to prevent bright/hot spots.

Character Modeling / Toy design

If you click on the image below (it's actually a link to a 3D file on SketchFab), you can view my model of Rowan West. This character was loosely modeled on someone I knew, and I still want to do some animation of a web comic featuring this guy.

I had an idea, a long time ago, that I'd like to create a webcomic featuring a 17 y/o boy, coming to terms with who he is and his place in society. Life got in the way of the webcomic, but I did create the main character. I'd like to introduce you to Rowan West (loosely modeled on someone I used to know).

Click the image below to view in 3D (SketchFab: so much better than a pop-up book!)

3D Character, Rowan by dirkjonker01 on Sketchfab

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