Build A Business Reputation

Blog Site or Content Marketing Site

The content website is ideal for businesses that have a lot of information to publish, maybe catalogues or images of their products. Typically, the content website will require regular updates and will be used to generate interest by giving your potential clients or customers access to useful and timely information on your industry or your products. Creating an industry hub to position yourself as an authority in your field takes a large amount of time and effort, but it is an effective way of marketing in the digital age.

If you want to be in the top of the rankings on Google without having to pay for every click, this is probably the route you will want to follow.

Interact and Organise On-line

Club or Community Website

The internet has given us a widely available, cheap tool to communicate with our user communities, whether they are bound to a fixed geographic location or spread out over the world. A web site can be used to arrange meetings, broadcast and discuss ideas and share content like photos and video.

Your community site can also share links to other interesting sites, software tools and content wherever you found it on the web.

With a content site you can decide what the public see and what content is only available to registered users. If you'd like to build a subscriber-based site, we have solutions for that too.

Arrange and Organise, Get On-line Bookings

Event Buzz Site

Market your party, public event or movie release on-line. As a communication tool there is nothing that beats the internet - whether you use Facebook, twitter, or any number of self-publishing channels or not.

You decide on the audience. One of the drawbacks of using social media for events, though, is their very public nature.

With a content website you can restrict access to content according to your own predetermined requirements.

You can set up a members list, send out invitations and receive RSVPs on your event's own website. If you like, you can open the site to the public and sell tickets too - it's all up to you.

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