Brake and Clutch Services in Andeon, Pretoria, have quite a generic sounding name, so I drew my inspiration from images you might find on the boxes that components are shipped in, half of the pictogram is a clutch plate, the other half a caliper brake assembly. Keeping with the feeling of engineering and picturing what a German workshop might do to show precision and economy of style, I used the open source "Open Sans" font and bold, striking colours. (I know, sounds like racial profiling, but here I'm trying to profit from the image created by commercials for German cars)

 I know, it might also remind you a little of the Shell logo? Entirely intentional.
The design of this logo has been kept plain and simple to make it easy to apply it to invoices and quotes: the two business forms used most in the business. Even when the text is changed to black and all red is removed, the logo is still easily recognisable. This potentially cuts down of printing costs (on a black and white laser printer) for daily use.

For this logo suggestion (which has not been accepted yet by the client, but I thought I'd include it anyway) I've tried to move away from the company's original, lion sigil (so banking and lawyer) - companies today need to appeal to you, the consumer. Yes, they need to project a professional, efficient image, but that has more to do with how they interact with you - also part of the definition of "building a brand". A logo is only a small part of a "brand", but it must be instantly recognisable and help tell the story of the company. offers a range of services including accounting, secretarial and reception services as well as company registrations and preparing tax returns for companies and individuals. I'll write more of a "corporate image revamp" page later on. The gold gradient represents money (that's simple enough) and the dark blue represents calm, dependable and professional service. I chose the fonts to complement each other and make the best use of the colours I chose.

 Though many logos contain pictograms many of the larger corporations will prefer to use a simple, text based logo and strict adherence to corporate colours.

Stage door is a drama school, script repository and costume rental service. The logo needed to be both young, unique and to include these aspects of the business.

The owner of Footlights Drama Academy ( his own logo and image, but I decided to give it a go anyway. This is the result. Footlights is a drama school specifically for young children and performers.

This logo design was part of the website relaunch for, a garden design and maintenance company in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, South Africa. I made a point of creating a logo that could be used as an overlay for both light and dark photographs, printed in black and white in documents or applied as cut vinyl vehicle branding.

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